Moeko Sugiura studied at Tokyo University of the Arts (BA), and at the Music and Arts University of the City of Vienna with Thomas Christian and Pavel Vernikov, where she completed her master’s degree with honours in 2015.


During her studies, she frequently played with the Vienna Philharmonic, including on tours in Japan and Germany as well as on concerts in the Vienna Musikverein and the Konzerthaus with renowned conductors.

During her studies, she received First Prizes in Edogawa Philharmonic Orchestra Soloist

Competition, Kobe International Competition and Nagoya Student Competition in Japan.

In 2014 she became a member of the Philharmonic Baden-Baden, after that in the year 2019 she became a member of the first violin group, Philharmonic Graz, Austria.


Nejc Kuhar ( received his master’s degree with honours in guitar and in composition in Vienna (guitar with Prof Alvaro Pierri and composition with Dr Reiner Bishof and Prof Christian Minkowitsch). He is currently pursuing his PhD in composition in Surrey, England.

As a guitarist as well as a composer, he has won numerous first prizes, such as Altheim in Austria, Changsha in China, Treviso and Acerra in Italy etc. His music has been performed in prestigious venues, on concerts in the Vienna Musikverein, Vienna Konzerthaus, Washington National Gallery of Art, Rachmaninov Hall of the Moscow Tchaikovsky Conservatory, Slovene Philharmonic Hall etc.

His works have been published by Canadian publisher Les Production  d'OzHe is also an active lecturer, giving lectures about composing for guitar on various European and USA universities, such as The Juilliard School, Curtis Institute of Music, Manhattan School of Music, Vienna and Frankfurt Universities etc.

In 2018 he was appointed guitar professor at Joseph Haydn Conservatory in Eisenstadt, and in 2019 he became a Senior Lecturer at the University of Music and Performing Arts, Vienna.

the duo

We met in McDonald's. True story! In our defense, it was in the city in which we both studied: in Vienna. At first sight, you wouldn’t think we belong together (a petite Japanese violinist and a two meter Slovenian guitarist and composer). Yet, after collaborating in a chamber ensemble in a baroque music course at the university, it was decided: we will continue to play together. We have worked very hard and focused in order to achieve a combined sound and unique artistry. We measure our success by two categories: competitions and concerts.

Although competitions should never be an endgame, they can help you greatly in the development of your career. We are very happy to have been awarded top prizes in the following competitions:

1. Prize 2018 Germany | Aschaffenburg International competition

1. Prize 2017 Germany | Berlin Rising Stars Grand Prix

1. Prize 2016 Italy | Parma "Paganini Festival" Competition

1. Prize 2016 Netherland | "Twents" Guitar Chamber Competition

1. Prize 2016 Italy | Gorizia "Enrico Mercatali" Competition

1. Prize 2015 Croatia | "Balle/Vale" Competition

We feel very honored to be able to give concert regularly and have so far performed in Japan, the USA, Germany, Austria and Italy among others. We are looking forward to the future events which include the Japan Tour in March 2018, the China Tour in August 2018 as well as all the concerts in between and after it!

Furthermore, our passion for new music drives us forward not only to play contemporary music but also to enrich the repertoire for violin and guitar by commissioning and playing new works. Composers Christopher Brandt, Marco DeBiasi, and, of course, Nejc Kuhar have written music for our duo.


„Masterworks Reimagined(sets of Sonatas)

Barok reimagined

  1. G. F. Handel: Passacaglia in g-minor 
  2. C. P. E. Bach: Adagio (Sonata for flute in g-minor)
  3. J. S.Bach: Allegro (Sonata in a-moll, BWV 1020)

Paganini reimagined

  1. N. Paganini: Allegro spiritoso (Sonata Concertata)
  2. N. Paganini: Cantabile 
  3. N. Paganini: Rondo. Allegretto con brio, scherzando (Sonata Concertata)


Schubert reimagined

  1. F. Schubert: Allegro molto (Sonata in D-major, D384)
  2. F. Schubert: Adagio (Arpeggione Sonata, D821)
  3. F. Schubert: Allegro vivace (Sonata in D-major, D384)


Piazzolla reimagined

  1. A. Piazzolla: Bordel 1900 (Histoire du Tango)
  2. A. Piazzolla: Ave Maria
  3. A. Piazzolla: Concert d'aujourd'hui (Histoire du Tango)


Opera reimagined

  1. G. Bizet: Prelude and Aragonaise (opera Carmen)
  2. J. Massenet: Méditation (opera Thaïs)
  3. Manuel de Falla: Danse Espagnole No.1 (opera La vida breve)


„BACH to the Future“

Johann Sebastian Bach (1685 – 1750):

-Sonata a minor BWV 1020, Arr. Hoppstock

Niccolò Paganini (1782 - 1840):

-Sonata Concertata (1. Allegro spiritoso, 2. Adagio, assai espressivo, 3. Rondo. Allegretto con brio, scherzando)

Christopher Brandt (1969):

-Pavane *

Manuel de Falla (1876 – 1946)

-La vida breve


Jules Massenet (1842 – 1912)

-Méditation (Thaïs)

Astor Piazzolla (1921 - 1992):

-Histoire du Tango (1. Bordel 1900, 3. Night-club 1960, 4. Concert d'aujourd'hui)

Nejc Kuhar:

-Air String (1. Largo, 2. Vivace)

* written for EMINENT Duo

„Paganini’s Tango“

Niccolò Paganini (1782 - 1840):

-Sonata Concertata (1. Allegro spiritoso, 2. Adagio, assai espressivo, 3. Rondo. Allegretto con brio, scherzando)

Franz Schubert (1797 – 1828):

-Sonata in D Major, D 384 (1. Allegro molto, 2. Andante, 3. Allegro vivace)

Jules Massenet (1842 – 1912)

-Méditation (Thaïs)

Nejc Kuhar:

-Air String (1. Largo, 2. Vivace)

Astor Piazzolla (1921 - 1992):

-Histoire du Tango (1. Bordel 1900, 3. Night-club 1960, 4. Concert d'aujourd'hui)